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How To Watch South Carolina Football Online

How To Watch South Carolina Football Online

If you love football and happen to live in the state of South Carolina, than the odds are pretty good that you are a huge fan of the Gamecocks. But as much as you would love to see them play in person, there are certain obligations you have in your life that make it near-impossible for that to happen.
Luckily, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Thanks to the internet, we have an abundance of online streaming services (free and paid) that give you a multitude of options for dedicated football fans like you. So without further ado, let’s explore what those options are.

(1) WatchESPN:

The first and most obvious option is WatchESPN, an online-only service that offers dozens of college football games for you to watch on your laptop and on your smartphone/tablet (via the app). For this though, you would need to have a cable subscription that contains ESPN in order to watch the streams.
This is also the same deal with Fox Sports Go, which also requires access through a cable TV subscription. Unfortunately, Fox Sports Go only offers in-market games, which may serve as a hindrance depending on where you live. You also have ESPN Player, which works the same way as WatchESPN, but is known to be a premium service that isn’t exactly available in some places.

(2) CBS College Sports Live:

There is another paid option for people who only want to shell out money for the season pass: CBS’ College Sports Live. The only caveats here is that CBS coverage of college football is known to be limited.

(3) College Football page on Reddit:

For the football fan who doesn’t want to pay for either a cable subscription or a season pass and just wants to watch it free, I would recommend checking out the College Football page on Reddit. That particular subreddit is known to be one of the best resources for free, online streaming of any kind of college football game.
While this does sound like a sweet deal (and you would only need a Reddit account if you feel like interacting with other redditors on the forum), we urge you to be careful here. This and other free live-streaming sites aren’t exactly the most legal of options and each stream tends to vary in quality.

(4) Cell Phone Provider:

Heading back over to the legal side, you can also try to get in touch with your cellphone provider. Depending on which provider you have, you can receive a package that allows you to stream some ESPN-hosted games.

(5) SEC APP:

The final option that I can present to you are the apps provided by different conferences. Since the Gamecocks are known to play in the SEC conference, you can follow those games with the SEC app. It’s probably the best option of the bunch, with an $8 subscription fee and games that aren’t hosted anywhere else.

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully this list of options provides you with a good starting point on where to watch you favorite team and indulge you love of college football at any place and at any time.

3 Options To Streaming UT Vols Football Games

3 Options To Streaming UT Vols Football Games

Online Viewing for UT College Football There is nothing more dear to a Tennessean than our belovedUniversity of Tennessee collegiate football team. Growing up in Johnson City, TN the UT and their “Vols” or “Volunteers” as they are affectionately called were “country famous”, this means that if they were playing and you were a fan then you WERE watching; and if not then some might say you were committing a small act of treason.
As the times change and modern technology has become so completely integrated into our daily lives there are so many options for collegiate football fans to watch their hometown heros play even when they are not sitting in Neyland Stadium. Volunteer Football Brief History, The University of Tennessee’s football program began in 1891. The Team got it’s nickname the “Volunteers” or the “Vols” for short from the the state of Tennessee itself.
Tennessee is known as the Volunteer state , deriving this nickname from the War of 1812 where countless Tennesseans volunteered to fight and were an integral part of The Battle of New Orleans. The rest is history and the name stuck.

Option #1: Download The WatchESPN APP

WatchESPN.com is the number one option for me in terms of streaming UT football games online. You can even watch live action through your Xbox 360 and/or via the WatchESPN app. To stream through your Xbox or other game console you need: internet access, an ESPN subscription and preferably a large screen TV. This option is great because you can actually watch the game on TV, in all it’s High Definition and glory. An ESPN subscription can run you about $10-$15 a month depending on your cable/internet provider’s rates.

Option 2: Visit The University Sports Streaming Service

www.utsports.com Another way to satisfy your Saturday football itch is to watch the game being streamed live on www.utsports.com. The stream the game live for a small subscription fee and you can watch past UT games “on demand” for free, in case you missed on, heaven forbid. This method is cool because you can watch through this site on your PC, mobile phone, or connect either of the latter to your smart TV via a HDMI cord.
I personally like to watch the mobile video app because I can literally watch my orange darlings play anywhere. One thing to remember if you are streaming video over your phone try to do so in a place where you can utilize WiFi. That way you’re not eating up your data allotment and the video will stream flawlessly and not continuously have to buffer, which is the equivalent to suffering a slow death as you wait in excruciating agony for the buffering to complete. Learned that particular lesson the hard way.

Option 3: European Streaming Websites

Free websites I have personally yet to find a venue to watch the Volunteers play online for free. What I have found were sites like P2P4U.net offering pirated video streams. On good moral ground I couldn’t take part in that. I am hoping that there will be more options for Tennessee fan to see the games online for free in the future. Watching the UT boys play is a magical experience and I for one try to never miss a game. Here is to happy watching and “Go Vols!”

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How to Watch Mizzou Football Online

How to Watch Mizzou Football Online 

Hello fellow Tigers fans! I think that we all can agree how exciting it is to spend the day at Faurot Field, watching our beloved team play. Whether you’ve grown up going to the football games there or you, like me, found your love for Missouri football while attending the University, it definitely is a given that Mizzou football is a priority, especially now since Mizzou has joined the SEC. I’ve spent many relaxing afternoons tailgating outside the stadium and listening to the game on the radio.

While this option was incredibly fun, nothing compared to being in the front row of the football stadium cheering on the Tigers and even seeing guest appearances by Truman the Tiger, our mascot. Tigers fans truly have a great sense of community and this can be displayed at games whenever everyone links arms, sways back and forth and sings “Old Missouri” together. Mizzou truly has some amazing football traditions that I’m proud to be a part of and these are experiences that I wouldn’t trade in a lifetime.

However, there are times when you can’t be in on the action by sitting in the front row at the stadium, no matter how much you would like to. This is why I needed to find some valuable online resources to allow me to keep up-to-date with everything that was going on during game days despite my schedule not allowing me to make it to the game in person.

SEC/ESPN Partner Site:


First and foremost, SEC ESPN Online is a tool to allow you to watch Mizzou games wherever you’re at. This allows you to watch the games either streaming online. Additionally, this website is connected to the app found in the iTunes store WatchESPN, where, once downloaded, can be programmed with your favorite team (Mizzou, of course!) and then plays live coverage of the football games on game day.

Mizzou Network:


Additionally, a great source directly from the University is the Mizzou Network, a website that offers live streaming of all football games as well as interviews with the players, coaches, fans, etc. This is a great resource to have because it definitely adds to making you feel like you’re not missing out on anything happening at the stadium simply because you can’t make it in person.
By offering statistics, player bios, and footage of past games, you can really get a good understanding of Mizzou as a whole and learn a lot more about them as a team, rather than just simply watching the games on TV without any background knowledge.

Local Radio Stream:


Finally, KCOU, Columbia’s local radio station, broadcasts coverage of the games over 88.1FM if you live locally. However, for the past several seasons they have offered a live streaming video broadcast on gamedays through their website, which can be accessed for free at kcou.fm/sports/.

Personally, I think this is a great option because while it is more student-operated videography, it is simpler to use and doesn’t have advertisements between quarters of the games and overall is just a very streamlined way to view the games online for free.

How To Watch Arkansas Football Games Online

 How To Watch Arkansas Football Games Online

There is one team in Arkansas, the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. With a proven Coach, Bret Bielema, one of the toughest road schedules in all of college football, and an exciting program that boasts two of the best running backs in the nation, the Arkansas football program is finally getting back on track after years of wallowing at the bottom of the highly competitive South Eastern Conference.

‘Be Uncommon’ is the new Arkansas Razorback mantra. It’s a great time to be a Hogs fan. You don’t want to miss a game.

Unfortunately, not all of the games are televised locally and, even for fans with premium sports packages, conventional T.V. is not always a viable, or the most convenient, viewing option. Live streaming college football games is becoming more and more popular. Fans can keep up with the game on the go, from their mobile devices, or they can sit back and watch from a computer, whether they are at home, in a motel room, or waiting to catch an airplane.

Best Places To Stream Razorback Games Live


You might already be paying for live streaming and not even know it. If you are a subscriber to ESPN, WatchEspn is a great way to see the game. Simply go to ESPN. com, and follow the instructions there to live stream the game. Fox Sports Go is a similar option-like ESPN, you will have to be a subscriber, and create a log-in. Also, if you are a Razorback fan living in New York, you will be out of luck: Fox Sports Go only streams local games to local markets.

Unlike the subscriber based options, you don’t need to have a cable subscription for College Sports Live; simply visit the website, create a log-in, and pay for the service, either with a one time annual fee of a hundred dollars or a weekly fee of ten dollars. Unfortunately, on any given Saturday, Razorback games may or not be available; it’s important to check the schedules. Arkansas fans can also utilize Razorvision, a subscription based site that Live Streams Hog Games. Visit the U of A athletics website during the season for information on how to sign-up for the service.

There are a few, safe options for live streaming college football without paying for a subscription or a flat fee.
SEC Network live stream games for free, so make sure to check their schedule to see when they are streaming the Razorbacks. CBS television also streams an SEC game of the week for free, and there is always a chance the Hogs are one of the featured teams.

Sports Streaming Site To Avoid:


Of course, there are other free, Live Streaming sites like P2P4U, Firstrowsports and vipsportsbox. Many of those carry malwares, and need to be used with caution but, desperate times call for desperate measures. The Reddit College Football page is becoming a popular way for fans to find live streaming links: users often link live streaming options in the subreddit. So, Razorback fans, pick your live streaming option, put on your Razorback caps, and Woo Pig Sooie!

Watch LSU Tigers Football Live Online Free Streaming

Watch LSU Tigers Football Live Online Free Streaming

Do you love to watch football? If you are you’re among millions of others that do. Now, you have your choices when it comes to where you can watch your favorite football team. You can go to a bar, to a friend’s house, or even throw a football party in your home. All of these options are going to be fun no matter which you choose. Besides actually going to the game itself there’s another fantastic option that you may not have considered. That option is to watch it online. That’s right you can watch the LSU Tigers live online.

Why is this a great option?

Hey, life happens, and there may be times when it’s not possible to go to a sports bar, a friend’s house, or have a football party. When none of these aren’t an option you can use the internet to still watch your favorite team play live. No, you won’t have to record it and miss the live action. No, you won’t have to try to catch the highlights on ESPN. You can watch the LSU Tigers live as they play the game. You can use the internet to enjoy the game play by play. You can’t get any better excitement than that.

You don’t ever have to miss out!

Do you realize what that means? That means that any device that has an internet connection can be used to watch the LSU Tigers play live. You can use your netbooks, laptops, Iphones, Ipads, and any other device that has an internet connection. It’s that plain and simple. So if you’re stuck in an airport and the game is on you can just pull out your smartphone to watch the game. Isn’t that fantastic! You no longer have to miss out on the action. You no longer have to call up a friend to ask for the scores. You can get all the action right to your phone.

Here are some great reason to watch the LSU Tigers online!

Well, the first benefit is because you love the LSU Tigers! The second reason is because you love the LSU Tigers more than anyone else! The best reason is because it’s free and convenient. You can watch any sport online at anytime whenever it’s convenient for you. The only thing better is if you were actually playing in the game with the LSU Tigers. How cool would that be. You won’t have to watch the LSU Tigers go the championship you’d be actually helping them get there.

A Helpful Tip

The only thing that I advise when watching LSU Tigers game online is that DO NOT download any suspicious programs and/or software. These programs can be full of spyware, malware, and viruses. The LSU organization don’t want anything to happen to your computer. They want to be watched, and they want you to be watching them. Safe Streaming!

Helpful websites that you can visit to stream LSU Games:
  • ESPN3.com
  • Ustream.tv
  • First Row Sports

How To Watch Alabama Football Online

 How To Watch Alabama Football Online

The University of Alabama is one of the premier college football programs in the sport. With a legacy of great coaches from Bear Bryant to Nick Saban and nearly twenty national championships to go along with dozens of SEC championships, they’ve got the credentials to compete with anyone.
The Alabama Crimson Tide sets the standards in terms of being among the top programs year after year. Under the guidance of coach Saban, Alabama consistently pulls in one of the best recruiting classes in the country. Suffice it to say that the Crimson Tide will remain one of college football’s best teams for the foreseeable future.

We List 3 Places To Stream Alabama Games Online:

SEC Network:

The Crimson Tide are members of the Southeastern Conference which is great news for fans wanting to watch them online. The SEC’s television network (The SEC Network) is the largest college sports conference TV platform in the country. Their partnership with ESPN gives them access to an audience of more than 75 million viewers but, in addition, provides them with cutting edge digital resources. ESPN gets high marks for their streaming and mobile services, and now they’re available to SEC Network viewers.
If you’re already a cable or satellite TV subscriber and your service carries the SEC Network you don’t need to do anything else to access Alabama football games online. You can log in to the SEC Network’s web interface or watch the games on the go with your smartphone or tablet. If you’re not a subscriber, you can subscribe to the SlingTV service and get a package of premium television networks streaming to your computer or mobile device. The basic service is $20 and includes ESPN and ESPN2, but $5 extra adds the ‘Sports Package’ which includes the SEC Network. Between ESPN and the SEC Network, you’ve got the entire Crimson Tide Football schedule covered.


Outside of the US, Alabama fans have several options to watch games online. ESPN offers ‘streaming only’ subscriptions to viewers in some countries and this package includes the SEC Network along with all of the ESPN networks. This arrangement gives foreign viewers the same type of high-quality video and dependable service that US viewers enjoy. The price for this subscription is reasonable and covers the entire range of ESPN programming.

Other Live Streaming Sites

Fans that aren’t able to subscribe to the ESPN ‘streaming only’ package will have to be a little more creative. Fortunately, Alabama ranks among the highest profile teams in college football. Their games are very easy to find on any of the ‘live sports streaming’ websites. While these sites vary widely in terms of quality (and safety) some of the best are ADTHE, LiveBall.TV or Stream2Watch. It’s almost certain that you’ll be able to find every Alabama football game in a variety of formats and stream qualities.
Looking for a live 24/7 feed of the SEC Network is not as easy, but it’s still possible if you’re willing to do some research. Google is a great place to start as are Crimson Tide fan message boards and websites. There are a few sites that provide a directory of 24/7 network streams from around the world with Stream2Video.TV considered one of the best. 24/7 network feeds are very hit and miss, however, and nowhere near as dependable as individual game streams.